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AWE Centers, LLC is currently developing “Whole-Life Optimization Centers.” Our centers are dedicated to positively transforming the way we live, work, play and interact to create a world of AWE - Abundance, Wellness & Enlightenment.

AWE Centers is going “beyond fitness” to provide individuals and organizations with integrated whole-person/whole-systems environments, tools, technologies, programs, training, consulting, services and experiences that improve every aspect of their lives and businesses.
Each AWE Center is dedicated to helping our members exponentially and powerfully achieve their goals and objectives, which can include the following:

• Health Personal Achievement 
• Vitality Personal Development 
• Wealth Community Interaction
• Productivity Environmental Responsibility
• Creativity Global Social Impact
• Collaboration Awareness
• Communication Skills Spiritual Connection
• Leadership Relationship

Each AWE Center will contain “Environments” dedicated to supporting our members in building community and synergistically creating Abundance, Wellness and Enlightenment in their lives. The Abundance/Business Environment will be designed to promote the health, energy, focus and productivity of our members with fresh open air architecture, natural light, non-toxic materials, low-EMFs, ergonomic furniture, sustainability and energy efficiency. 

The 4 Environments are as follows:

The Abundance/Business Environment gives members a place to work while also fostering inspired networking and synergistic collaboration with likeminded professionals. Moreover, members can powerfully advance their abilities as entrepreneurs and business leaders by availing themselves of powerful workshops, mentoring and coaching on such subjects as manifestation, finance, abundance, business, leadership, sustainability and organizational governance.    

The Wellness Environment includes both an advanced “Beyond Fitness Space” and “Regenerative Wellness Spa.” AWE Centers provides members and clients a multitude of programs, personal training and lifestyle integration technologies to help our members live in optimal health and wellness.  The environment will include zoned multi-function spaces for personal training and modular group cross-training. 
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The Enlightenment Environment
provides members a sanctuary for meditation, napping and relaxation in a quiet and peaceful Zen-like setting of beauty and serenity.  In this environment, members can take a break from work to recharge and obtain greater clarity.  The Enlightenment Environment also provides guided meditations, classes on applied “Functional Enlightenment" and powerful, experiential and applied training, coaching, workshops, certification programs and events for our members and organizations. These programs will provide our members with highly powerful, rapid and effective  experiences that help them achieve their personal goals and objectives.

The Community Environment consists of an open space, tables and couches between the AWEpothecary, the Organic Café and the Kids’ Space.  The Community Environment is a place provides a gathering place where members and their families can share organic conscious meals and beverages, shop for conscious products and socialize.